PhD thesis by Daniel Featherstone (Dec 2015)
This research project seeks to develop appropriate policy and evaluation frameworks to support the development of the remote Indigenous media and communications sector and build digital inclusion and capacity within remote Australian Indigenous communities.
Fixing the hole in Australia's Heartland: How Government needs to work in remote Australia (2.89 MB)
A report by Bruce Walker, Douglas Porter and Ian Marsh for Desert Knowledge Australia (Sept 2012)


The Ngaanyatjarra Lands Telecommunications project: A quest for broadband in the Western Desert. (2.26 MB)
Daniel Featherstone, Telecommunications Journal of Australia. 61 (1): pp. 4.1 to 4.25. 

Vast regions in Australia still have limited access to adequate telecommunications. With the rollout of the National Broadband Network underway, remote Indigenous Australia risks being left out, increasing its isolation and widening the ‘digital divide’. In the past, the vast Ngaanyatjarra Lands of south-eastern Western Australia have had one of the poorest levels of telecommunications service in Australia. However, the regional shire, land council and the community media organisation have worked together with the WA Government to address this problem. This effective collaboration led to the Ngaanyatjarra Lands Telecommunications Project (NLTP): a fibre optic network connecting six remote desert communities, a broadband satellite solution to connect the remaining six outer communities and community-wide WiFi in all twelve sites. This article describes the process of creating the NLTP and some of the flow-on benefits for the region and Yarnangu (Ngaanyatjarra people). [Extract]

History of PY Ku

APY Lands: accessing government services

Remote Indigenous Media Association (RIMA) Oral History Project (4.05 MB)
Christine Guster

Cultural Policies in Australia (912 KB)
Margaret Seares and John Gardiner-Garden


Community Business: the internet in remote Australian Indigenous communities

Kerry McCallum, Frankco Papandrea (Uni of Canberra)

Reports on findings of a research project tha mapped the patterns of internet access and use in remote Indigenous communities in Australia.

Media in Australia: Industries, Texts, Audiences (extract) (1007 KB)

Stewart Cunningham and Graeme Turner

National Broadband Network: Regulatory Reform for 21st Century Broadband (Discussion Paper, April 2009)(570 K)B


SUBMISSION TO ‘ABC and SBS: TOWARDS A DIGITAL FUTURE’, A review of the future role of the national broadcasters (291 KB)

Jan Ferguson, Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre 

Broadband Solutions for Remote Areas: Response to the call for submissions (164 KB)

Rita Cattoni, Indigenous Remote Communications Association


Digital Dreaming: A National Review of Indigenous Media and Communications (Executive Summary) (278 KB)

The report, Digital Dreaming: A National Review of Indigenous Media and Communications, is the result of a year long study undertaken by Indigenous Management Australia (IMA). The review was initiated by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission to assess the current status of indigenous media and communications and identify further developments. The last review of Indigenous media, Out of the Silent Land, was completed in 1984.

The original report is a detailed empirical study of 500 pages. An Executive Summary has been produced for distribution purposes; to provide a summary of the issues addressed in some 130 recommendations. All of the recommendations are listed at Appendix 2 of the Executive Summary. 


National Report on the Broadcasting for Remote Aboriginal Communities Scheme (1.53 MB)

Prepared for the National Indigenous Media Association of Australia by Neil Turner