20th Remote Indigenous Media Festival

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media workers and organisations from remote communities gather at our Remote Indigenous Media Festival. Delegates network, learn, celebrate and work together toward innovative solutions for the challenges faced by our remote media industry. 

Torres Strait Islander Media Association (TSIMA) have welcomed the opportunity to co-host the 20th Remote Indigenous Media Festival. Situated off the coast of the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, Australia are the beautiful Torres Strait Islands, home to one of Australia’s oldest Indigenous Radio Stations, which began in 1985. Radio 4MW (Meriba Wakai) broadcasts in the four primary languages of the Torres Strait, which include Torres Strait Creole, Australian English, Kalaw Legaw Ya and Meriam Mir.

We invite you to become a key partner for the 20th Remote Indigenous Media Festival in 2019 and support the remote media industry as a powerful and connected voice for generations to come.