Nominations are now open for the First Nations Media Awards 2019

We are celebrating the contributions of people working across the First Nations media industry in remote, regional and urban locations.

The awards recognise significant contributions over the years, encourage emerging producers and presenters just getting started and celebrate excellent content that tells meaningful stories with budgets big and small.

Remote Media Awards will be presented at the 20th Remote Indigenous Media Festival on Waiben/Thursday Island in September.

National awards, including Lifetime Achievement, Outstanding Contributor, First Nations Media Legends, Content and Development awards will be presented at the First Nations Media Awards at CONVERGE Alice Springs on 29th November.

These awards recognise excellent contributions made by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across all areas of the First Nations media industry.

There are:

9 Major Award categories (including Remote Major Awards, open to members and non-members)

15 Content Award categories (First Nations Media Australia members only)

3 Development Award categories (First Nations Media Australia members only)

You may nominate individuals for multiple award categories. 

Information about the background, purpose, judging processes and any further eligibility requirements for individual categories is at the top of the nomination form for each category.

Nominations close on Friday 23 August. Let’s get started…

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