COVID-19 Business Health Check webinar series

The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic impacted Australia-wide in March 2020. First Nations media organisations played a vital role in responding to the emerging health crisis - getting essential information to communities quickly and in culturally appropriate ways. Meanwhile, media organisations themselves need to manage their own organisations to get through the pandemic safely and continue delivering essential media services. This webinar series provides information for media organisations in crisis management, financial support, compliance and other governance matters in responding to COVID-19.

Management & Governance

1st April, 2020

Darren Godwell talks through key information for management and Boards. This includes responsibilities for Managers (particularly in relation to HR) and support available and the responsibilities and expectations placed on Boards such as key decisions Boards will be likely need to make as a result of the pandemic.

Darren is a descendent of the Kokoberren peoples of Cape York. He is the President and CEO of i2i Global and one of Australia’s most experienced Indigenous executives. He is an Indigenous Business Australia consultant and mentor.

Compliance & ORIC

2nd April, 2020

Anthony Beven provided guidance for working with ORIC through the pandemic on 2nd April 2020. This webinar covered when and what to report, compliance issues and likely actions from ORIC during this period. Anthony was the previous Registrar at ORIC. He is now a Partner at Grant Thornton Australia, working in the Indigenous Advisory area. The company specialises in tax and accounting advisory services.

Quick response finance

3 April, 2020

Glen Brennan talked about supporting your business, including managing and projecting cash flow, accessing additional support and what's available through the various stimulus packages. Glen is a Gomeroi man from Narrabri. He leads KPMG Indigenous Services and is an experienced financial services professional. He is also the Chairman of Aboriginal Employment Strategy and has previously worked as the Head of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Business at NAB.

Business Health Check - wrap up

22 April, 2020

Wrapping up our Business Health Check webinar series, this webinar provided an opportunity to ask questions of our expert advisors, Darren Godwell (i2i global) and Glen Brennan (KPMG). Our guest speakers outlined how to prepare to register with IBA for assistance, gave a refresher on the stimulus packages available and answered questions from FNMA members.