FNMA News Initiative

There are two components to the FNMA News Initiative: 

1.    Maintaining a Community Reporter team

We support, train and mentor Community Reporters working in a number of First Nations media organisations. 

We maintain a team of about 15 Community Reporters, skilled in all aspects of multi-media news and current afairs production - text, photography, video and audio. 

The Reporters contribute at least one story every week. They are supported Reece Lamshed, the FNMA Project Support Officer.

2.    Distributing the news to First Nations media

The news produced by the Community Reporters is distributed to First Nations media organisations for them to use. 

The news items are stored on Indigitube and featured on this website (see Featured News) to be read, listened to and viewed. 'Subscriber' organisations can download the news items from these platforms. They are also notified (by email) when new content is available.

David Liddle, the Regional Editorial Coordinator, manages this daily news distribution.

This project is supported by the University of Canberra Amplifying Indigenous News, Google and FaceBook.