Best Innovation in Digital Media Award
This Award is open to an individual or organisation to apply. It aims to showcase innovative use of digital and online media technologies and platforms to deliver content and engage with new and existing audiences. It may include social media, website development, audio streaming, podcasting, blogging and apps.
The Mulka Project
The Mulka project is a thriving hub of creativity that utilises innovative digital media to preserve the unique culture and language of the Yolngu. What essentially started out as a cataloguing exercise, turned into creating an archive of Yolngu cultural knowledge. There is always an audience viewing material on the public computers or in the project's cinema facility. After school the centre is full of school children viewing the broad range of material made available to them. It is obvious that the young people love being there and are proud of their cultural heritage. The Yolngu cultural knowledge and the latest technology meet at The Mulka Project, two knowledge economies entwined.