‌‌ Best Language/Culture Production Award
This award recognises the use of media to convey language or cultural content for knowledge transfer, education, awareness raising and storytelling. It recognises the approach, selection of appropriate speakers/ custodians/ sites, abidance by cultural protocols, creative techniques.
Yarripirri's Journey - PAW Media
Before Yarripiri and Jardiwanpa there was nothing: no law, no order. Yarripiri the giant ancestral taipan created the Jardiwanpa songline through his journey, bringing songs, law and the Jardiwanpa fire ceremony to Warlpiri people. Yarripiri's journey begins at Wirnparrku, a rocky mountain west of Alice Springs. The guardians of Jardiwanpa pulled Yarripiri from the earth and carried him on his journey north. Yarripiri created many significant sites and soakages, however he became distracted from his journey by two women of the Napanangka skin group, the wrong skin for him. He was punished by being burnt in a ceremony called Jardiwanpa.