‌‌ Best Drama or Comedy Award
This Award recognises the use of drama or comedy to convey a story or message in a creative and engaging way. It recognises the scripting, characters, performance and production involved in creating drama or comedy.
Grace Beside Me - Dena Curtis (NITV)
Fuzzy Mac’s life is turned upside down on her 13th birthday when she discovers she can communicate with spirits! It’s hard enough navigating the highs and lows of becoming a teenager while living with your eccentric Nan and Pop. Throw in a host of needy spirits, mischievous totems and spooky ancestors, and you have a recipe for a whole lot of trouble! GRACE BESIDE ME is a 13 x 26-minute live action series for 8 – 12 year olds that combines whimsy, adventure, comedy and drama. The series takes audiences on an emotional roller coaster ride, following Fuzzy, as she learns to accept her gift and understand the meaning of ‘grace’.