How to Participate

There are several ways your media organisation can participate in this exciting Project.

1.    Dedicate a Reporter

If you have someone on staff or a volunteer broadcaster who wants to be a news journalist, sign up to this Project. They will be intensively trained in media journalism, which includes media law, journalism ethics, writing for news in different formats (text, audio and video), and news production and presentation in different formats.

The Reporters will produce at least one news item each week about an event or activity that takes place locally in their area and meets the Project Editorial Standards. They are paid a nominal fee for each news item produced.

The Project will pay for travel and accommodation to all face-to-face training. 

2.    Take daily news items 

By linking into the news distribution network, your media organisation can take news items and re-broadcast these - through radio, television or social media. 

If your organisation is not linked to the news distribution network, we can provide items by other digital means - email, RSS, FTP, etc.

All news items meet strict Editorial Standards to ensure production quality and relevance.

3.    Share your news

If you produce regular news, send it to us (email, or via the distribution platform) and we can share this news with other First Nations media outlets.