Milly Hooper

inDigiMOB Project Officer

Milly is a Ngyiampaa woman from Western NSW with ties to Murawari and Kooma tribes/country of Goodooga and Cunnamulla Qld. She has lived in Alice Springs since 2012 with her Arrernte partner and 4 gorgeous kids on the family outstation west of town. Milly had an earlier interest in law completing an Associate Degree in Law (Aboriginal Paralegal Studies) through Southern Cross University.  She has extensive administration experience working in various organisations in NSW and NT. Outside her part-time work with inDigiMOB, Milly focuses on her passion, as a self-taught photographer and her small business Milly Moments Photography. She loves working with inDigiMOB and the team, learning new things, engaging with community members and empowering mob with knowledge in various aspects of digital media.