2015 Festival Workshops

Digital Photography and Design with Wayne Quilliam.

group photo

Photos available on our Flickr page.

Animation Workshop with Jonathan Daw (PAW Media) and AFTRS Storytelling with Sound Workshop with Andrew Belletty

NRIMF Trailer (animation)

Fish Story with Travis Alum

Doomagi Way by Lenny Cubbe, Colin Hennan and Sai Matainavora.

Torres Strait by Dane Noah.

AFTRS Storytelling with Sound Workshop with Andrew Belletty..

Duck Pond Dreaming by CAAMA RIBS TEAM - Noelene Palmer and Pam Reilly. With thanks to Warnayaka Art and Cultural Aboriginal Corporation.

AFTRS Documentary Filmmaking with Pauline Clague and Cornel Ozies

Art and Culture - Noel Heenan and Jesse MItchell

Bush Potato by Mark Pindan and Willi Lempert. Translation by Valerie Martin. 

The Desert Flower by Maddison Coles

Earthy Tones by Edrado Skeen and Tahlia Murdoch

Emu Dreaming by Ribnga Green and Winslow Jackson

Myra by Daniel Akinshola and Georgia Coles

Observation by Heath Baxter

Poetic by Kerrod Meredith-Creed and Edward Walden

iPad Digital Storytelling with Jan Cattoni and David Nixon

Brian Gordon

Dorothy Roberts

Gayili Yunupingu

Jonathan Doolan

Patrina Mununggurr

Rosalee Quinlin

Judith Dixon

Sonja Gibson

Radio Journalism with Laura McDowell